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Chimes of HistoryTM

Operating Instructions

1. For first time set-up or re-start, manually set Hour, Minute, and Second hands to 12:00. Press and release the reset button located between the dial center and 6 o’clock position. The clock is now set to 12:00 noon. Wait 45 Seconds, and then manually adjust the time, using the MINUTE HAND only, to the current time.

2. Select a Chime card (gold card) and insert it into the 3 o’clock slot. Upon insertion, the chime will play the first quarter. (See insert accompanying the chime chime card for details about the chime.)

3. Select a Music card (silver card) and insert it into the 9 o’clock slot. Upon insertion the Music will play once and will repeat at that same time daily.

4. Adjust the volume by turning the knobs in the dial located at the 4 o’clock position (night volume, after 10 pm) and the 8 o’clock position (day volume, after 7:15 am).

5. Twist the center rod of the pendulum approximately one half rotation to start the pendulum.

6. The Chimes can be demonstrated at any time by moving the MINUTE hand just slightly past each Quarter Hour. Chime or Music cards can be changed at any time. When the Music card is changed, it will repeat daily at the new time of insertion.

7. Use the switch on the back of the movement to control the pendulum night time illumination.

Switch toward 3 o’clock side:             Always on.

Switch centered:                     Off at night

Switch toward 9 o’clock side: Dimmed at night



  • Use only the Woodbrook supplied power adapter. Plug adapter into socket on inside back panel of clock and into standard house outlet
  • Never move the clock with the pendulum attached
  • To illuminate the crystal pendulum, use only a spotlight bulb with a maximum rating of 5 Watts.
    (Bulb MR11, 12 volts, 5 Watts)

2017 Moon Cycle

July 8 Full Buck Moon
July 23 New Moon
August 7 Full Sturgeon Moon
August 21 New Moon with US Solar eclipse
September 6 Full Corn Moon
September 20 New Moon
October 5 Full Hunter's Moon
October 19 New Moon
November 4 Full Beaver Moon
November 18 New Moon
December 3 Full Cold Moon
December 18 New Moon

Important Dates and Info

HOURS: M-F 9:00-5:30
Sat 9:00-3:00
Sun Closed

First Day of Summer June 21
Independence Day July 3-4 CLOSED

Christmas 2017